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Applied Domain-Driven Design Blueprints for Jakarta EE

Words like standard, de-facto, de-jure and open are frequently used and abused in our industry. The reality is that few people really understand what these words actually mean or how these ideas effect their own professional lives in the long and short term.

This session aims to clear the air on some of these terms and outline why open standards like Jakarta EE are critically important to you today and in the future. We will explore these concepts in the context of well-established economic theories on competition, monopoly power, the network effect, innovation, open source and open standards - in true Freakonomist style!




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Effective Java SE 16 APIs/Lang features, makes your life easier

Starting from Java SE 9+, a significant release for the Java programming language and the Java virtual machine. And java works fast to cope with the new technology era, and we see this every six months. Java SE 10-16 includes many changes. The library additions and the new language features we’re going to look at here are all reasonably significant, and they’re beneficial in your day-to-day work. So, let’s take a tour of the new features in Java SE 16, powered by code, the platform designed to support faster learning and more productive Java development.




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Migrate Spring Boot app to Quarkus.

Stage unlocked

Have you heard about Quarkus ? for sure you have, a new super fast, super light framework to develop cloud native and GraalVM compatible apps. But, is that easy to go the Quarkus way ? is it hard to migrate an existing app ? For sure in a hello world demo this will look fantastic ( they all look that way don’t they ? ) but, in a real app, is that nice ? is that easy ? is that fun ? In this session I will show my experience from scratch migrating an app to Quarkus, using different technologies as Hibernate, Prometheus, Rest, … and also how you can check your current app and see how easy is to migrate using a foss app to analyse it.

Prepare for a journey of reality, failures, and experiences on the universe of Quarkus , at a ludicrous speed.




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Modern Cloud Native Jakarta EE Frameworks:

tips, challenges, and trends

Java has a large number of tools and frameworks to facilitate integration with databases, microservices, and so on. These tools have evolved considerably. It all started with class integrated with XML files and has undergone significant evolution with reflections and annotations within the class definitions. In the cloud-native scenario, requirements have changed and this impacts applications in ways that weren't critical before.


For example, cold starts and boot time wasn't critical with application servers but is crucial in serverless and microservices. The objective of this presentation is to talk about how these frameworks behave in the native cloud age and they affect the new world of Jakarta EE: the trade-off of Reflection, Annotation Processing, and Native Image capabilities are some examples, and the tools and frameworks you can choose in for your next application.




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Taking matters into my own hands:

How an engineer increased her impact and satisfaction at work

At the end of the talk, you will know the one thing you have to act on when you are back in your organization to increase your impact and satisfaction.

Pranay struggles with her coder job. Everything seems always to fall apart and ends up in tiring and stressful firefighting sessions.

Pranay tried different solutions, and nothing is really working until that one thing she discovered. A not so subtle change in the way she looks at the world will bring her ways to increase her impact and satisfaction at work.The talk is a real-world practical one that helps you increase your impact and satisfaction at work no matter who you work with.

In the talk, we will follow Pranay, a fictional character who struggles in her current team. The people around her are clueless. Along the way, Pranay learns something from the people she interacts with that gets her thinking in a new way enabling her to take a different course of action.




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The Challenger Developer Workshop:

The Path to Overcome Your Career Challenges

Software developers are struggling with a huge amount of technologies they have to learn. Lack of clarity and focus, procrastination, lack of negotiation skills are other challenges that will cause a negative impact on your career growth.


Fortunately, there is a way to have clarity on what you want to accomplish, to be focused on meaningful technologies, and to get things done consistently. In this workshop, you will learn simple but powerful techniques and strategies to overcome these career challenges so that you can be a highly successful software developer!



@JavaONE Rockstar

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Java Developers:

Web Components Are Made For YOU

Learn once, never migrate" sounds almost like the Java slogan, Web Components also feel like Java technology and can be used for the development of mobile Apps, PWAs, SPAs, or reusable UI components.

In this session, we wil develop a small, but structured, application from scratch. Without any frameworks, npm, builds, transpilations and transpiration. Your questions are highly welcome.

Adam Bien
Kenan Sevindik


@Harezmi IT Solutions

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Consumer Driven Contract Tests in Microservices Environment

“Consumer-driven contract” tests come up at this point. In these tests, services define their dependence on other services as contracts. They then share these contracts with the service that fulfills the capability. The service provider verifies these contracts and returns the verification result to the other service that does business according to the contract. If the verification result is successful, the first service can come to the production environment by realizing its behavior according to this contract. If the verification result is unsuccessful, the first service should not go to the production environment until the service provider resolves the problem and adapts the behavior on its side to the contract.

In this presentation, we will talk about the importance of consumer-driven contract tests in microservice architectures, the Pact library, the role of the Pact broker between provider and consumer services, and how to write consumer-driven contract tests using Pact for different communication methods between services.

Chandra Guntur


@BNY Mellon

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Java’s Garbage Collection

Modern Java has a collection of sophisticated Garbage Collection patterns and models.

This session will provide an overview of how basic Garbage Collection patterns and models work in Java. The presentation includes various Generational and Regional Collector patterns. Modern GCs such as Epsilon, ZGC and Shenandoah GC are also briefly explained.

*** Time-permitting, the presentation will cover flags and tuning options.

Brian Vermeer



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Java Security Practices They Didn’t Teach You In School

Software security breaches are rising to an alarming rate. As a Java developer, you should be aware of how important security in your applications is. In this session, we will provide you with the top 10 security best practices for Java developers. Taking a quick peek at the current OWASP top 10 and how this affects Java development specifically.


By showing the actual problems and how you can protect yourself during your daily Java development, you will have a better understanding of why and how security focus is essential

Yehonathan Sharvit



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Data-Oriented Programming

Data-Oriented Programming teaches you to implement the data-oriented paradigm in traditional object-oriented languages like Java, C# or JavaScript.

Data-oriented programming is an exciting new paradigm that puts data at the heart of your code. DOP separates code from data instead of combining them into objects and classes. On this approach, data is manipulated like numbers or strings in other programs and treated as a first-class citizen. The result is faster web and microservices-based applications, clear and understandable code, and a more flexible developer experience than ever before.

In this talk he will share the main insights from my book “Data-Oriented programming” published by Manning.

Rustam - Mads


@Computas AS

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@Computas AS

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Modern, Serverless Java in the Cloud

Java app modernisation! Join us exploring the possibilities with MicroProfile and Quarkus on Google Cloud Run. Bleeding edge Java! Scared of the bleeding edges, or vendor lock-in? Don’t worry, with MicroProfile, you can switch to another app server with no changes to your code.

Oh, and as promised, there will be little wiring and infrastructure. So, you don’t have to know things like Kubernetes or Istio to enjoy this talk. We’ll let the Cloud handle all of that for us.

In this talk, we’ll:

  • Talk about app modernisation

  • Get to know MicroProfile, Quarkus, and Cloud Run

  • Try a couple of MicroProfile features - Deploy a simple application to your favourite app server

  • Switch the app server to Quarkus

  • Deploy the app to Google Cloud Run – a fully managed container service

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