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Consumer Driven Contract Tests in Microservices Environment

“Consumer-driven contract” tests come up at this point. In these tests, services define their dependence on other services as contracts. They then share these contracts with the service that fulfills the capability. The service provider verifies these contracts and returns the verification result to the other service that does business according to the contract. If the verification result is successful, the first service can come to the production environment by realizing its behavior according to this contract. If the verification result is unsuccessful, the first service should not go to the production environment until the service provider resolves the problem and adapts the behavior on its side to the contract.

In this presentation, we will talk about the importance of consumer-driven contract tests in microservice architectures, the Pact library, the role of the Pact broker between provider and consumer services, and how to write consumer-driven contract tests using Pact for different communication methods between services.


Kenan Sevindik is highly specialized on architecting and developing enterprise applications using various Java technologies for more than 20 years. His experience with Java dates back to 1998 in which he started developing Java applets for online education programs in his university days. He has a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey in 1999.

Object-oriented programming, design patterns, aspect-oriented programming, enterprise web applications, and security issues are among the subjects he has been closely interested in for those many years. Throughout his career, he has been involved in almost every phase of projects developed using enterprise Java technologies. He currently provides training, coaching and consultancy services to various institutions and organizations.

He has been actively working with technologies such as Spring Application Framework, Spring (Acegi) Security Framework, Hibernate Persistence Framework since their initial releases. He has developed many different solutions related to these frameworks and shares his experiences and solutions with other developers in different environments.

He is regularly invited to give public speeches about his experiences in various conferences and organizations nationally. He likes to share his thoughts and experience over and over his social media accounts. He is also co-author of “Beginning Spring” book which was published by Wiley Publishing in February 2015.







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