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Java Day İstanbul Grubu

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Have you seen the #JDI23 schedule? 😎

Make sure you know when and where you favourite #Java expert will be doing his or her conference.

We know you are going to have a hard time choosing which sessions to go to. We apologise in advance to all you attendees for presenting such a problem. Check it out right here! 👀

[Tr] JavaDay'de bu sene 2 atölye çalışması var. Katılmak isteyenler lütfen kendi bilgisayarlarını getirsinler.

[En] There are 2 workshops at JavaDay this year. Those who would like to participate, please bring their own computers.


Gruba hoş geldiniz! Diğer üyelerle bağlantı kurabilir, günce...
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